Ottawa Valley Border Collie Club



Dog Tricks Training

Tricks are learned behaviours involving mental and physical exercises. Training tricks is based on the team work of owner and dog which creates a strong bond between them. Dogs learn useful basic social, obedience and agility skills by playful interactions. Border collies are smart and keen to work for their masters and to please them. They learn tricks quickly!
OVBCC held a seminar 'Introduction to Dog Tricks' on April 6th 2019 and 'Practice in Dog Tricks' on June 1st and June 22nd 2019. Another session is planned for July 6 from 10:00am to noon at our field at Dogz on Carling Avenue. There may be others scheduled in the fall if the club members want them.

AAC Sanction Starters/Advanced Trial

Date: Saturday September 28, 2019
Judge: Carolyn Dockrill
Starters Gamblers
Starters Standard
Starters Snooker
Starters Jumpers
Advanced Gamblers
Advanced Standard
Advanced Snooker
Advanced Jumpers

AAC Sanction Masters Trial

Date: Sunday September 29, 2019
Judge: Carolyn Dockrill
Masters Standard X 2
Masters Gamblers X 2
Masters Snooker
Masters Steeplechase
Masters Jumpers

Premium coming this summer